Wushu Duanwei Evaluation

To promote standardized Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) instruction, and to promote people’s health and wellness through Wushu practice, the Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona (CIUA) will once again collaborate with Chinese Wushu Association to organize Duanwei Evaluations in April, 2017. Training classes will be offered by Wushu Masters and Professors from Beijing University of Sports. There will be no cost to the participants and a certificate will be awarded by Chinese Wushu Association after passing the evaluation assessed by certified judges. Please find more information regarding Duanwei and Duanwei evaluation from the attached file 1 (Application Form for Chinese Wushu Duan Wei), file 2 (Introduction to the Chinese Wushu Duanwei-system), file 3 (Grades and Conditions Required for Applying for Duanwei Ranking).

Duanwei Training classes will be offered between April 3 –5, at Tucson Chinese Culture Center at 1288 W River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85704 

1.       April 3: 6:00-9:00p (Lecture at 6:30p -8p, Training Class at 8p-9p)
2.       April 6:00-9:00p Training Class
3.       April 6:00-9:00p Training Class


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