Implementation of the agreement signing ceremony: UA with Hanban Confucius Institute Headquarters and CIUA with SNNU

    On May 24, 2013 the University of Arizona and Hanban Confucius Institute Headquarters (Pic 1), Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona and China Shaanxi Normal University Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an (Pic 2) both held an agreement implementation signing ceremony at the Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing. The signing of these two agreements marks a big step forward in the collaboration between the University of Arizona and Hanban Confucius Institute. 

Pic 1: Hanban Confucius Institute Headquarter and CIUA

Pic 2 UA & SNNU 

    The ceremony was hosted by Director Cao Deifeng, second deputy director of the Hanban  Confucius Institute Headquarters, Deputy Director-General Wang Yongli also attended the signing ceremony. Also in attendance at the ceremony in Beijing were University of Arizona Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Andrew Comrie, UA Vice President Mike Proctor, Dean of the School of Public Health Iman Hakim, Dean of Education Ronald Marx, Confucius Institute Co-Directors Dr. Zhao Chen and Dr. John Olsen, and the Arizona Department of Education Director John Huppenthal, Arizona State Department of Education Deputy Director Ralph Romero, and Arizona State Department of Education official Merle Bianchi.  SNNU was represented at the ceremony by SNNU President Yu Fang, Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Jianxiang, Party Committee Office Director Lu Shengli, President of the International Han Academy Zhang Jiancheng, Director of the Development Research Center of Beijing Li Zongsi, and Deputy Director of  International  Exchange and Cooperation Zhang Lingyun.