Highlights of CIUA Second Chinese Culture Festival

     CIUA organized and hosted the Second Chinese Cultural Festival , which was very commendable in local circles. The Second Chinese Cultural Festival lasted for ten days and included diverse lectures and activities which met the needs of mainstream Americans who want to better understand Chinese culture. The Festival helped catalyze people’s interest in Chinese language and culture. The rich content of these activities included:

  • Lecture Concert: Chinese Instrumental Music
  • Forum: Meet the Composer – Mr. Wang Liping
  • Moon Festival Concert: Music from China – symphonic suite Dream of the Red Chamber (two performances)
  • Chinese Language Day
  • Lecture: “Finding them Gone” – Chinese Poems
  • Lecture: Chinese Medicine – Massage and Acupuncture
  • Lecture: “The Way of Telling a Story: Mo Yan and Contemporary Chinese Literature” 
  • Lecture & Movie: “Peony Pavilion”
  • Chinese Health Day   

    In addition to the established "Chinese Health Day" and "Chinese Language Day" (which attracted 815 and 980 participants respectively), the brightest spot of this Culture Festival was the North American premiere of the symphonic suites, Dream of the Red Chamber on September 20th and 21st 2013. CIUA successfully co-hosted this concert with the Tucson Sino Choir and Music School of the University of Arizona. An ensemble of six musicians from the music college of Shaanxi Normal University also joined the performance. A concert hall of 600 seats was completely filled with enthusiastic audiences for the two concerts. The famous Chinese contemporary composer, Mr. Wang Liping made a special trip to the United States to provide guidance during the rehearsal and to attend the concert. Ms. Chen Li, who was the original singer in the 1987 version of the TV series,  The Dream of Red Chamber, was the female soloist in this concert. Counselor Mr. Yuan Dong from the Consulate General of the People’s Republic China in Los Angeles and the Senior Vice President  and Provost of the University of Arizona, Dr. Andrew Comrie attended the concert. Under the famous conductor Dr. Tom Cockrell’s direction, more than 200 performers (80% of whom had no Chinese heritage) from China and the United States took part in this concert. As a grand classical music tragedy, the suite Dream of Red Chamber aroused strong positive feelings for Chinese culture. CIUA has made every effort to promote new aspects of cultural exchange between China and America and has gained high praise and affirmation from the CGLA.

    The Second Chinese Culture Festival also launched a series of lectures and concerts on Chinese culture, involving folk instrumental music, poetry, film, literature, martial arts, and health care, which offered important aspects of Chinese culture to local people. The symposium with composer Mr.Wang Liping attracted more than 120 people. More than 300 teachers and students from the Music School at the University of Arizona attended the lecture on Chinese music delivered by faculty from Shaanxi Normal University. Sinologist William Porter’s lecture on classical Chinese poetry, Professor Brigitta Lee’s literature on the film “ The Peony Pavilion”, Professor Li Dian’s lecture “The Chinese Writer Mo Yan”, and Vice President of the Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Liu Mingjun’s lecture “On Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture”, attracted 400 audience members. Hundreds of attendees from all walks of life enjoyed these events. The audiences not only had the opportunity to hear about Chinese culture, but also engage in direct dialogue with the speakers.