CIUA student takes third place at Sixth Annual World “Chinese Bridge” Contest for middle school students "汉语桥" 世界中学生汉语大赛

    In April 2013, two CIUA students, Jose and Anne, took part as repre-sentatives in the preliminary contest of the Sixth Chinese Bridge---Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary Students, held in San Diego. Through fierce competition, Jose and Anne respectively won the first and second prizes in the Southwest American region. Both were invited to travel to China to join the Final Contest of the Chinese Bridge. Under the instruction of CIUA teachers, Jose took part in the contest and won the third prize in the worldwide Chinese Bridge compe-tition. Anne observed the competition and traveled in China with stu-dents from all over the world.
    CIUA organized local teachers and students to watch the closing cere-mony of this year’s Chinese Bridge. After viewing the program, many students expressed the hope that they one day might also go to summer camp in China, to participate in the "Chinese Bridge".
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