Two Shaanxi Normal University scholars present lectures on Chinese archaeology and cultural heritage management

September 25, 2015

Two renowned scholars from Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU), CIUA’s partner institution visited Tucson in September during which they engaged audiences on aspects of China’s cultural heritage management and dynastic archaeology.  Adjunct professor, doctoral tutor, and director of the Qinshihuang Mausoleum Museum, Dr. Wei Cao, and Dr. Lin Bu from SNNU’s School of History and Culture made separate presentations on September 23 and 24 which attracted large audiences of aficionados of Chinese archaeology and culture. The lectures were hosted by CIUA’s Co-Director, Regents’ Professor of Anthropology John W. Olsen.

Dr. Lin Bu’s presentation focused on the protection and sharing of China’s cultural heritage. Combining her own research experience and broad knowledge of many cultural heritage projects, she described the status of the protection of the Great Wall and other significant cultural heritage sites in China, providing a framework for understanding larger issues of the conservation and dissemination of knowledge about China’s cultural heritage.

Many Americans are curious about Qinshihuang’s so-called Terracotta Warriors dating to the third century BCE. Through Professor Wei Cao’s presentation, audience members gained a general idea of the overall structure of the First Emperor’s tomb complex outside of present-day Xi’an, including the details of its discovery, as well as new images of the many styles and forms of the Terracotta Warriors themselves. Following his lecture, Professor Cao presented his new book, Colorful Qin Terracotta Figures, as a gift to the CIUA. The exhibition comprising the basis of the book, the Colorful Qin Terracotta Figures Exhibition of the Qinshihuang Mausoleum Museum, won China’s prestigious first annual Ten Fine Exhibition of China in 2014; the book is a research collection of Qin Terracotta Warriors documenting 40 years of analysis and interpretation.

CIUA is grateful for the strong support and cooperation of our partners at Shaanxi Normal University as well as the strong impetus of the Hanban, for making Drs. Cao and Bu’s visit to Arizona such a resounding success.