A Series of CIUA Health Day Activities --- Lectures on Chinese Wushu and Chinese Wushu Duanwei Demonstrations 中国专家武术讲座、段位制备考培训 拉开亚大孔院“健康日”活动序幕

May 1, 2017

4月伊始,美国图森春意盎然。当地时间4月3日,美国亚利桑那大学孔子学院举办了 题为“如何练好太极拳”的专题讲座,4月3日-5日,连续三天开展了段位制考试培训。期间,亚利桑那大学孔院特别邀请中国武术协会段位制考试中心负责人刘志华,北京体育大学 博士生导师、民间体育教研室主任吕绍钧教授,北京体育大学武术套路教研室主任李艳君 亲临指导,吸引了亚利桑那州图森市众多武术爱好者参与。一年一度的美国亚利桑那大学 孔子学院“健康日”活动正式开启。

On 3rd  April, CIUA held a lecture on “How to practice Chinese Taichi” by Prof. Lv Shaojun, who is from the Beijing Sport University. From the 3rd through the 5th, CIUA organized a demonstration of Chinese Wushu Duanwei that the audience could also participate in. CIUA specially invited three experts, Prof. Lv Shaojun and Prof.Liu Li Yanjun, who are also from the Beijing Sport University, and Ms.Liu Zhihua, who is the Director of Wushu Duanwei Center at Chinese Wushu Association.

在“如何练好太极拳”的讲座中,为方便当地民众更易于理解,吕绍钧教授从现代健康 理论的角度,介绍了太极拳的医理、拳理以及其中蕴含的哲理,阐明太极拳的核心是 “意”、“气”、“形”的统一,并着重介绍了太极拳中形意合修、阴阳统一、和谐平衡等深刻内 涵。他强调武术是运动,更是文化。

During the lecture on “How to excise Chinese Taichi”, Prof. Lü Shaojun introduced the principles of medicine, fitness, and philosophy which are represented in Taichi, from the aspect of modern healthy theory. Prof. Lü clarified that the essence of Taichi is the unity of Yi, Qi and Xing, and emphasized caring as the form-and-will, yin-and-yang, harmonious-and-balance. He pointed out that Whushu is more than just a sport, it is a culture.


为了更好地满足当地武术爱好者们的需求,孔院特别邀请了相关专家针对段位制考试 进行了培训,内容包括杨氏太极拳、陈氏太极拳、长拳以及少林拳等。

To better meet the demand for Chinese Wushu, CIUA invited expert trainers from the Wushu Duanwei Center. They mainly focused on the Yang family’s Taichi, Chen Family’s Taichi, Long fist and Shaolin fist.


此次活动得到了参与者们积极热烈的反响,让武术爱好者们更加深入全面地了解中国 武术,也让更多的人走进中国武术,认识、了解中国文化。

This event received an enthusiastic response from the participants. The CIUA Health Day allowed for Chinese Wushu enthusiasts to understand Chinese Wushu more comprehensively and more in depth. As CIUA continues to hold events such as this, more and more people have the opportunity to learn about Chinese Wushu and understand the Chinese culture better.