Open House to Welcome You to the Confucius Institute of University of Arizona

November 14, 2016

CIUA was very busy on November 14th, many students and professors from the University of Arizona came to visit CIUA. From morning to evening, there were constantly visitors walking around exploring all of the booths. This event is the first and opening event for the UA’s International Education Week sponsored by Office of Global Initiatives. As a member of the Global Initiatives, CIUA took part in this event and was very successful.

Although CIUA does not have a very big space, it was arranged in a way to highlight different Chinese elements. It allowed the visitors feel the Chinese culture in a friendly atmosphere, and they really took their time wandering around.

                                                                       Filled with Chinese Flavor

The guest entrance was also a Chinese Culture booth, that taught the Chinese art of paper cutting. Greeting our guests with warm smiling face, red paper-cutting and traditional Chinese knots (as shown in the picture on the left), our visitors were off to a great start to their Confucius Institute experience.

                                            Paper-cutting lesson was interesting and the visitors learned a lot

Walking into the Confucius Institute, the main room is playing a film about Xuan. Various Chinese Culture books around the room attracted many people to stop and have a look at them. On the second floor of the conference room, there was a classroom having an open class on Chinese traditional music. The ensemble melodies of Erhu and Chinese flute were beautiful.

                                                                 The melodies were so wonderful

Down stairs through the hallway you entered the backyard, where there were colorful and fascinating pictures all around. On the left side, there were Chinese paintings and an open Chinese calligraphy class. Every participant proudly left the class with their own work. There was also a tea table for visitors to rest and have some tea on the right side.

                                                           Using Chinese characters to write names

                                                                    The Chinese painting class was so fascinating

                                                        Chinese painting class participant proud with his work

Then, there was Tai Chi, various Chinese swordsmanship and boxing performances and classes in the backyard.

                                                               Performance of Tai Chi boxing

                                                                     Tai Chi sword performance

Next to the Martial arts area, there were traditional Han clothes and facial masks on display. The interpreter would explain to the visitors about the Han clothes culture at any time.

                                                                      Han clothes and facial mask display

The small courtyard bridge and brook is a very unique piece of scenery at the Confucius Institute. Alongside the bridge, with the sound of flowing water, the Guzheng performance and class was also in progress making for a tranquil ambience. Many instrumental music lovers came to visit and listen to the unique music and interact with the Guzheng instructor.

                                                                                A Guzheng class in process

You can see Chinese music, chess, calligraphy and painting here. With the beautiful sound of the Guzheng, people were also playing Chinese chess. Many visitors were interested in the traditional Chinese puzzle game Huarongdao. They spent hours on this game. And believe or not, even if they had never read the book “Romance of Three Kingdoms” by Sanguoyanyi, they were at least familiar with the names of the main characters Cao Cao and Guan Yu, and maybe they will even be interested in Sanguo.

                                      The challenge of the Huarongdao-Chinese traditional puzzle game

The open house went from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and even after the event ended, many visitors were still revelling in the Chinese culture atmosphere of Chinese painting and Guzheng.
Confucius Institute has roots in many overseas universities, and is an important component of those universities. Successful integration into the college campus is the main key for the Confucius Institute’s natural growth. Therefore, students, scholars and professors can naturally access to Confucius Institute, understand and enjoy Chinese culture; this is the primary objective of the Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona. With years of effort, the Confucius Institute at University of Arizona has made remarkable achievements, and the

open house day was one of those. Visitors of the open house were very diverse, some of them visited the Confucius Institute for the first time, and some of them were old friends of the Confucius Institute. Xiao Dan, a professor in the Department of Planetary Science at the University’s school of Astronomy, is a student of the Confucius Institute, and he just returned from Beijing University to attend the Open House to get his HSK Grade 5 transcript and visit the teachers of Confucius Institute. An American astronomer who can speak fluent Chinese in this day and age is particularly moving. It gives the feeling of when a loved one returns home after a long trip. Confucius Institutes from all over are spreading the idea that all people from different cultures, languages and religions are one family, and the Confucius Institute is home to all Chinese lovers from all over the world.