Martial Arts Show in University High School

October 25, 2014

On October 24th, two CIUA martial arts teachers, Junming Zhao and Peifeng Jiang, were invited to University High School perform professional martial arts.

First, Junming Zhao presented to teachers and students about shaolin martial arts culture, tai chi martial arts, and Qigong. Students listened to the teacher really carefully, answered some questions about the martial arts culture actively. The classroom atmosphere is ardently. Then, teacher Peifeng Jiang, did two kinds of different styles of martial arts performances, one being southern style boxing and the other being broadsword play. The teacher and the students enjoyed acting attentively. After the performance, the martial arts teachers interacted with the students. They were able to experience the excitement of martial arts.

The martial arts performance sparks the University High School students’ interest and expands CIUA publicity along with promoting the spread of Chinese martial arts culture in schools.