Listening to Chinese Music

September 23, 2015

Listening to Chinese Music

Professor Frederick Lau, Director of China Study Center at the University of Hawai’i and Chair of the Asian Music Association, presented a lecture entitled “Listening to Chinese Music”  in Crowder Hall in theFred Fox School of  Music at University of Arizona  on September 22, 2015 which drew numerous  students, faculty, teachers  and music lovers. Dr. Janet Sturman, Associate Dean of the Graduate College and Professor of Music, Professor Jennifer Post of the School of Music and CIUA’s Dr.  Larry Lang also made presentations. This lecture was part of CIUA’s Fourth Annual Chinese Culture Festival, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance understanding of Chinese music and the culture in which it is rooted.

Professor Lau has dedicated himself to the study of Chinese music for decades with deep interests in both Chinese and Western music. He has conducted research in ethnomusicology, which has assisted his discovery of how culture impacts music in various ways.

At the beginning of his lecture, Professor Lau played three segments of melodies popular not only in China but globally, which attracted the audience’s attention immediately. Professor Lau then indicated how Chinese music has been deeply affected and classified by Confucian thought. He also introduced the developing process of Chinese music and related a famous story of Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, which touched the audience. Subsequently, Professor Lau presented a variety of Chinese folk music and explained the diversity of such compositions based upon regional features, which vary similar to different cuisines in China.  After his formal presentation, Professor Lau interacted with the audience which was obviously fascinated by Chinese music. Many audience members remarked that they enjoyed this lecture very much and want to learn more about Chinese music.

To this end, CIUA presents courses in Chinese music and concerts throughout the year, offering opportunities to students and Tucson community members enhanced access to Chinese music.

The Fourth Annual Chinese Culture Festival included lectures on diverse aspects of Chinese culture and as well as exhibits highlighting Chinese language and culture. CIUA contributed a splendid Moon Festival concert on Sunday, September 27th which was a veritable feast of Chinese music!