List of Awardees in the Fourth Chinese Language and Culture Day Drama Competition, September 24th, 2016

September 26, 2016

2016 CIUA CLCD Language Proficiency Competition Result (Group Drama and quiz)


Elementary Level Group (K-5)

1st Place:新西游记——图森行Journey to the West --------Tucson Tour, Sunrise Drive Elementary School Confucius classroom, Instructor: Feng Zhang

2nd Place:新狼来了New The Boy Who Cried Wolf,BASIS Tucson Oro Valley Primary, Instructor: Yiran Huang

3rd Place:喊狼来了的猴子Monkey who cried wolf,BASIS Tucson Oro Valley Primary, Instructor: Wen Yang


Elementary Level Group (Grade 6-8)

1st Place:邯郸学步The Walk Learner in Handan,Accelerated Learning Laboratory Confucius classroom, Instructor: Dechun Lu

2nd Place:大禹和孟子Da Yu and Mencius,BASIS Tucson Oro Valley, Instructor: Chad Longoni

3rd Place:对校园欺霸说不No Bulling,TOLTEC K-8 School Confucius classroom, Instructor: Shao Xiao


Intermediate Level Group:

1st Place:守株待兔Farmer who waited the bunnies,BASIS Tucson Oro Valley Primary, Instructor: Wen Yang

2nd Place:成语故事The story of Chinese Idioms,Sahuarita High School Confucius classroom, Instructor: Angela Binning

3rd Place:访问医生Visit the doctor,BASIS Tucson North, Instructor: Lin Deng


Advanced Level Group:

1st Place:范进中举Fan jin passed the imperial examinations,BASIS Tucson Oro Valley, Instructor: Ning He

2nd Place:留学生活Study abroad,International School of Tucson Confucius classroom, Jenny Du 卖火柴的小女孩The Little Match Girl,图森中文学校, Jing Ouyang

3rd Place:在中国的游客Tourist in China,BASIS Tucson North, Mei-hui Liu