First Tucson Chinese New Year Chinese Educator and Teacher Networking Dinner

March 14, 2013

The first Tucson Chinese New Year Chinese Educator and Teacher Networking Dinner was held by the Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona (CIUA) on March 14th at Gee’s Garden Chinese Restaurant in Tucson.

Twenty-four Chinese educators and teachers from Tucson attended the dinner.

At the beginning of the dinner, CIUA Co-director, Dr. Zhao Chen, presented some opening words and introduced the mission and achievements of the CIUA, and upcoming events such as the “2013 CIUA Chinese Culture Festival” which will be held from September 21-28. Senior program coordinator, Dr. Larry Lang, introduced the 2013 Chinese Star Summer Camp Program. Event coordinator, Ms. Yi Chen, introduced a draft plan for the 2013 “Chinese Language Day” which all Tucson Chinese students are invited to attend.  Ms. Chen was also the emcee of the meeting.

After the introduction, all attendees enjoyed their meals while getting to know each other by introducing themselves and sharing their teaching experience and information about the Chinese program in their schools, provided feedback for various CIUA events and programs, and discussing mutually important topics like promotion of the Summer Camp, receiving a teaching certificate, applying for a Confucius Classroom, and the difficulties of teaching Chinese in American schools.

Teachers also shared ideas regarding improving teaching skills, classroom management, and embedding culture appreciation in a language class.

Due to the lack of professional background or experience, all teachers agreed that the teaching training program is very necessary; and are looking forward to joining the professional foreign language teacher training events which will be initiated by CIUA in the near future.

The Confucius Institute aims at helping local teachers improve their teaching ability and promoting Chinese culture in the greater Tucson community.

About 500 volumes of Chinese reading material from the Hanban were donated to 15 local Tucson schools which have Chinese programs by CIUA Co-director, Dr. Zhao Chen.