CIUA Promotes Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States

December 3, 2016

CIUA held a series events on Traditional Chinese Medicine promotion in recent days, including famous expert lectures from both on campus and The Second Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference of America.

On December 2, Prof. Wang Qi, the PhD supervisor and great master of Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, gave a lecture on Chinese Medicine for teachers and students at the University of Arizona for the Identification of Constitution and Adjustment.

Prof. Wang Qi introduced the identification of different constitutions and a way of keeping them healthy and fit. He introduced the latest research results in that treatment field. This lecture gave a unique way of thinking and ideas, let the audience feel fresh and new, and sparked their interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The following day, The Second Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference of America, hosted by Traditional Chinese Medicine Associate of America and co-organized by CIUA and their Confucius Class Han University, opened successfully. Scholars who study Chinese medicine and practitioners from this field came from all over the United States and Canada to gather together and discuss the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the world. The Dean of CIUA, Zhao Chen, presented at the conference, as well as Prof. Wang Qi who gave a keynote presentation.

The conference discussed more than ten topics including Nine Different Constitutions and Precision Medicines, visual field and method, and the expansion of the acupuncture research for Chinese medicine. It greatly enhanced the Chinese medicine's influence on American medicine. Chinese medicine and Taiji are treasures of traditional Chinese culture. They are the wealth of all mankind. CIUA has encouraged the development of Chinese Medicine and Taiji all along, and has tried to build a model Confucius Institute on Chinese Medicine and Taiji.