CIUA Hosted the Duanwei Wushu Evaluation at the ‘Chinese Health Day’ 亚利桑那大学孔子学院举办 “健康日”系列活动之武术段位考试

April 9, 2017

亚利桑那大学孔子学院举办 “健康日”系列活动之武术段位考试 CIUA Hosted the Duanwei Wushu Evaluation at the ‘Chinese Health Day’  当地时间4月9日,美国亚利桑那大学孔子学院再次举办武术段位制考试。考试项目涵 盖陈氏太极拳、杨氏太极拳、长拳、少林拳,考生年龄跨度较大。当天共有17人通过了考 试。

On April 9​th​, the Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona held the Duanwei Evaluation once again. The evaluation consisted of Chen and Yang style Tai Chi,, Long-Boxing, and Shaolin-Boxing. The participants were all different ages and 17 of them passed the evaluation.

中国武术协会中国武术协会段位制考试中心负责人刘志华处长,北京体育大学博士生 导师、民间体育教研室主任吕绍钧教授,北京体育大学武术套路教研室主任李艳君等数名 段位制教官应邀负责现场考核。

Ms. Liu Zhihua, the director of China’s Wushu Duanweizhi examination center, Prof. Lv Shaojun, a doctoral advisor and the director of research and teaching folk sports, and Prof. Li Yanjun, director of research and teaching Wushu routines, were invited to judge the assessments. 

10岁的小姑娘克洛伊(Chloe)此次跟兄长约瑟夫(Joseph)一起参加了考试。兄妹 俩去年已考过长拳一段,今年又双双考过了长拳二段,他们是孔院武术课的忠实粉丝。兄 妹俩的父亲自幼就是中国武术爱好者,曾专门赴华学习武术,孩子们的母亲受其影响,开 始迷上太极拳。听说孔院开设武术课后,夫妻俩很快就让孩子们报名学习,目前孩子们已 经学习三年有余。
A ten-year-old girl named Chloe took the test with her brother, Joseph. In the previous year, they had passed the level one in Long-Boxing, and this year they successfully passed level two. Their father has adored Chinese Wushu since he was a child, and he has visited China to specifically learn China Wushu. Their mother has also found an interest and fascination in Tai Chi. When they found out that the Confucius Institute provided Wushu courses, the couple registered their kids as soon as possible. Both of their children have been learning Wushu for three years.

参加太极拳二段考试的劳洛(Laurel)是一名两个孩子的母亲。她说,自己有严重的 先天性脊柱弯曲,手术后,她偶然发现中国的太极拳对她的病情特别有帮助,便开始学习 并迷上了中国武术。她说,自己多年来能够将身体状况保持得很好,全赖中国太极拳的帮助。

Laurel, a mother two children, attended the level two evaluation. She said she suffered Congenital scoliosis and after she had a surgery, started to practice Tai Chi. She found that it was beneficial to her health, and began to love Chinese Wushu. She told us that thanks to Tai Chi, she hasn’t felt better. 

75岁高龄的格雷(Gary)报考了陈氏太极拳一段。作为一名太极拳爱好者,他认为 自己的学习还很粗浅,中国太极拳博大精深,有太多东西需要他继续学习了。明年他还要 来考试,二段、三段……一直考下去,以此作为自己的太极拳学习的一种目标和动力。

Gary attended level one evaluation of Chen style Tai Chi. As a Tai Chi fan, he said he has learned very little and there is still a long way to go because Tai Chi is so intense. He will attend the evaluation next year as works towards level two and three. This is considered his goal and motivation to learn Tai Chi.


此前,亚利桑那大学孔子学院推动中国武术走入孔子课堂,成为了当地格兰地( Casa Grande)高中的学分课程。前不久,段位制考试的考官们走进课堂,为学生们组织 考试。共有281名学生通过了一段考试,喜获证书。经过两年的武术段位制推广,如今已 有300余人通过了中国武术的一段、二段考试。亚利桑那大学孔子学院的中国武术海外推 广实践已结硕果,未来充满希望。

Previously, CIUA promoted China Wushu to local high schools and established Confucius classrooms offering course credit. A few days ago, the judges went to the Confucius Classroom to organize the test for all the students. In total, 281 students passed the level one exam and were awarded a certificate. During the two years of hosting this examination, more than 300 students have passed the evaluation at level one and level two. The effort that CIUA has made to promote Chinese Wushu has been fruitful and has contributed to a bright, prospective future.