CIUA 2017 Chinese Health Day--Traditional Chinese Culture of Medicine and Martial Arts Show

April 9, 2017

The annual Chinese Health Day was held by CIUA on 9th April, 2017. There were many fantastic performances and an Eastern and Western medicine exhibition that attracted many teachers, students, and local residents who were interested in learning more about the benefits of Chinese and western medicine.

At 9:00 AM, the lion dance, accompanied by lively drums and folk music, was an unforgettable grand opening for the CIUA Chinese Wushu Center. After the ceremony, Vice President Andrew Comrie gave a warm speech to welcome and thank everyone for coming.

There were many exhibitions and booths that gave visitors insight to their health. Some of the booths included the Tucson Medical Center (TMC), martial arts, both Chinese and western medicine, Chinese books, traditional Chinese games, Chinese painting, and traditional Chinese instruments. Many people were intrigued by the main stage performances, which incorporated Chinese singing and dancing, the Qipao Show, and martial arts demonstrations. At the TMC exhibition, people learned about the Twenty-Four solar technology. One woman, who specifically enjoys Chinese culture, was carefully taking photos so she could later talk to her kids about it. 

The Han University, one of the Confucius classrooms, had a group of experts who were specially trained to help the audience experience the feeling of pulse or massage. Many attendees  showed interest in traditional Chinese medicine. One woman who came with her daughter said she would like change her lifestyle and use the Chinese regimen as a focal point to help make her life better.In front of the Martial Arts exhibition, many people stopped to learn more. And almost all of the audience members were able to experience the Taiji Baduanjin, which was the climax of the event.

Chinese Martial Arts is a longstanding and well established part of the Chinese culture as well as Chinese Traditional Medicine which is a broad and profound area of expertise. The CIUA Health Day was a chance teach Traditional Chinese medicine and Martial Arts to spark a passion to learn about and deepen people’s understanding of the Chinese culture.

This year’s Chinese Health Day had strong support not only from the College of Medicine but also the College of Public Health, the Life & Work Study Center, 体脂分布研究小组等 (Body Mass Index Research Team), Han University, Health Center of Tucson, and many others. CIUA was able to gather enough social support to host a collaborative space to discuss different health benefits from Eastern and Western cultures.