Guidelines for CIUA participation in and sponsorship of Chinese language and culture activities

CIUA Event Date: 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 - 9:49am

The Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona (CIUA) works diligently with the University, community organizations and schools to enhance appreciation and understanding of Chinese language and culture.  The burgeoning desire to learn about Chinese language and culture, locally and nationally, places increasing demands on CIUA’s limited resources.  In addition to CIUA courses and cultural activities, the Institute has also developed a number of Confucius Classrooms in local schools, and has participated in a large number of ongoing collaborations with partners at the University and in the greater southern Arizona community.  CIUA has implemented a formal approval process (described below) pertaining to CIUA’s participation in and sponsorship of Chinese language and culture events to ensure the continuing high quality of CIUA programs and to allow sufficient time for planning and equitable allocation of CIUA’s resources. Requests for CIUA participation in and sponsorship of events will be evaluated based on the significance and scope of the planned event, the availability of CIUA resources, including personnel, and the relationship of the event to the mission and strategic goals of CIUA. All requests and proposals should be submitted to CIUA at for review.

1.       CIUA has established demonstration programs for Chinese cultural events organized by the University, schools and community organizations. To apply for a CIUA demonstration, organizers must complete a request form and submit it to CIUA no less than one month prior to the proposed event. Please contact the Institute at 520-626-5124 to obtain an application form.

2.       To request CIUA’s sponsorship of an event, a written proposal is required detailing the purpose, scope, program of events, organizer, and participants. The proposal should be emailed to CIUA as early as possible and, in any event, no less than one month prior to the proposed event.

3.       Approval time varies depending upon the size of the event and the time of year. Generally, proposal review requires at least 2-4 weeks. Applications submitted to CIUA less than one month before an event, or the distribution of publicity for an event, cannot be considered.

4.       CIUA teachers’ participation in any preparation activities or rehearsals for public performances or presentations must be authorized by CIUA as part of the event approval process.

5.       Using CIUA’s name, logo or the names or images of CIUA-affiliated staff or teachers for purposes of publicity is not allowed without prior written permission from CIUA.

6.       No advertisements or ticket-sales may be associated with CIUA without written permission from the Institute.